Accace Romania

Frumoasa Office, 30 Frumoasa Street, 1st floor,
A zone,1st district, 010987 Bucharest, Romania

Tel: 031.405.04.40

About Accace Romania

Accace is a leading outsourcing and advisory company providing accounting, payroll, tax advisory and corporate services.

Accace, whose name is a portmanteau of “accounting” and “ace”, first appeared on the Central and Eastern European market in 2006, the culmination of its founders’ more than 15 years of professional experience in delivering accounting and fiscal consultancy services.

The company was founded from an ambitious vision to provide top accounting and tax advisory services to middle and large international companies in Central and Eastern Europe and even elsewhere in the world.

Currently, we successfully carry out our business in 10 countries of CEE - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.

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