January 2013 Newsletter

Published on: 9 Jan 2013

Welcome to the Monthly Newsletter from FinanceProfessionals.ro.


To begin with we wish you a very happy and successful New Year 2013!


2012 was a very difficult year for the job market, especially in the finance area. The number of jobs in the market was lower than in previous years and the competition increased. Both jobseekers and recruiters are now facing a number of new challenges.

Many companies believe there are enough experienced professionals on the market and is easy to find the right people for their vacancies. The truth is it is still difficult to find experienced finance professionals on the Romanian market. At the same time the complexity of the job requirements is increasing together with the business challenges of the organization.

For the last two years the number of active jobseekers increased significantly and the average desired salary decreased as the predictable effect of the market forces. From a volume perspective this seems to be a trend that is favorable to employers. However, it will take more time and effort to assess and test these candidates than before. Companies now receive larger numbers of applications to any advertised vacancy (it is not uncommon to have over 300-500 applications to a job). As a result the task of finding the best people is becoming even more challenging for companies.

As a specialized jobs site, the strategy of FinanceProfessionals.ro is to focus on the quality of jobs and candidates and provide more effective recruitment solutions:

  • Candidates have the opportunity to "step out of the crowd"
  • Companies have direct access to high quality candidates and reduce the CV screening time


Tip of the month

Keep your CV updated! Based on our excellent profile categorization criteria, recruiters are increasingly using active search of the CV database to identify their candidates.

FinanceProfessionals.ro has the advantage that CVs can be uploaded in any format. This allows recruiters to evaluate the design and appearance of the CV, which provide key information about the candidate's personality.

A well written, clear and concise CV can make a difference!


Site statistics (June - December 2012)

We end 2012 with great results thanks to all of you, candidates and recruiters!

  • Site visits: 75,000
  • Unique Visitors: 44,000
  • Page views: 366,000
  • Jobs: 144
  • Applications: 5,964
  • Registered users: 2,900


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